Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zeke Carson aka ZigZak Zeke aka Ziggie aka Z

Zeke has been soooooooooooo easy to love. He bonded with all of us quickly and seems to enjoy everything we do. He loves to fold clothes....I always empty the basket on the bed and fold there so I can watch TV as I fold.......Zeke inspects each piece of laundry, snorts, and rolls on top and don't get me started on the vacuum cleaner.....he especially likes the little crevice attachment...moves his head from side to side trying to figure out why it's making such a high pitched sound...........sucked up a dime one day and Z looked at me then the vacuum me vacuum me vacuum.........I got so tickled I sat down on the floor giggling and before you knew it I had three boys climbing all over me.
We have an office set up in the room over the garage and there's a single bed up there so when both Steve and I are working they all come up there and snooze on the bed. Montgomery and Brogie just lay down and rest but Z watches us for awhile.....can always tell when he lays down because the snoring begins. Another thing Zeke loves is the car .....don't open a car door around him unless you're ok with him jumping groceries today and you know who got up in there and sniffed each bag. He really likes it when I am in the kitchen.......since he has been here I have not cooked one thing alone and he always helps loading the dishwasher.........he knows the refrigerator is a good thing and is intent when that door opens. He participates in everything and of course I talk to him all the time and he looks at me like we are really conversing...........I guess we are.
Of course his most favorite thing is going for a walk and I'll tell you all about that later just know he has a ball.
Holly, thank you for letting us have him so soon.....I was willing to wait for him for a year and a half but I didn't know him then.
By the way, Montgomery loves loves loves them. Through out this whole process he has been loving and kind to both of them. He is not a loner and having Bogie and Zeke has been wonderful for him too.
Z is loved deeply and I believe he is very happy.

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