Monday, May 31, 2010


Daughter Leslie graduated from college 4 years ago and fortunately for me, she got a job and apartment close by. She is a late in life child and we have always been close. She popped in frequently and would occasionally spend the night and she showered the boys with affection and of course they LOVE her and go crazy every time she walks through the door.
Last month she got a HUGE promotion and I am so proud of her and happy for her............but along with the promotion came a move to Charleston. Her new apartment is actually across the bridge in Mount Pleasant and this weekend I went to visit. She is so much fun and we had a ball.
She had asked me to bring some of her clothes and other things that had never made it over to her last last week I got some boxes and started packing. The first night I took the boxes into her room the boys were so excited............Zeke got on her bed and observed ( he likes to pretend that he is aloof but he watched every move we made)...........Gummie and Brogie sniffed each and every thing I put in the box. At some point Gummie went into the closet and brought me a dirty, dusty sock (proof of my housekeeping skills). Of course I thought that was great and I gave him hugs and kisses (proof of my craziness about the boys). Gummie knew he had done something good and made a bee line back into the closet with Brogie following step for step. Brogie never actually brought anything but he was by Gummie's side the whole time and they delivered............
one scarf
two more socks
one belt
and a plastic bag full of other plastic bags
I thought it was the coolest thing and they were so proud of themselves.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Montgomery aka Gummie is the kindest dog I have ever known and I tell people that all the time ..........who knows if anyone believes me ...........but it is true. Just this afternoon on our walk he did a very kind, caring thing for Brogie.
Our recent thunderstorm left many fallen limbs and debris everywhere and today we came upon a huge uprooted wax myrtle that totally blocked the horse trail . We started to go a different way but I thought we could get around it if we climbed over it at the base and then made our way along the side of the ditch and then work our way back up to the trail. What was I thinking!........It was my bright I led the way. After I got over the tree I just motioned for Gummie to come over and he will follow me anywhere. He jumped up on the trunk and worked his way over to me. Zeke followed Gummie and the three of us waited on the trail. Steve's balance and flexibility are compromised by an accident he had years ago but he made it over the tree and the only one left was Brogie. Steve tried to talk him over it but I could tell that wasn't going to work so I made my way back to the tree and talked to him and tried to get him to jump.............I was getting ready to go back over the trunk so I could pick him up and I had his front legs on the tree....................all of a sudden Gummie jumped back up on the tree and leaned down and touched Brogie's nose, then he turned but Brogie didn't move and he whined a little. So Gummie leaned back down and put his face beside Brogie's face for 2 or 3 seconds. I reached down and Brogie made a little jump that was just enough for me to grab him and lift him up and over......I put him down on the ground and he and Gummie made their way back to the trail. Of course I had to go along the ditch again ......but when I got back up to the trail all of the boys were waiting for me and off we went.
I don't pretend to know anything about dog psychology or dog behavior or anything else for that matter but .............there is no doubt in my mind that Gummie was trying to help Brogie or maybe he was trying to help me...........I don't know and it doesn't matter............he was trying to help and that is my definition of KINDNESS.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


We have thunderstorms here often so it's no surprise to have one in the evening after a hot day.......and tonight we had a big one! It was loud and long. Even Brogie heard it and it scared him. He snuggled up next to me on the sofa and I could see how worried he was. I got up to look at the hail bouncing up on the patio and he got soooo nervous. Most of the really big storms are in the summer and last summer we didn't have Brogie and Zeke so I didn't know they would be frightened. Montgomery and Brogie are very close......and Montgomery is VERY kind..........he jumped up on the sofa, put his face next to Brogie's and flopped down beside him and rested his head on Brogie's paws. That did the trick.........Brogie rested his head on Gummie's big floppy ear and they were sleeping in no time at all with Brogie in full snore mode. It was (I realize I'm showing my age here) without a doubt a true KODAK moment.

I was so focused on Brogie that I didn't realize that Zeke was missing for awhile.......but I got thinking about him and called him but no response so I looked all around and when I went into my closet I heard a tiny little whimper...........I flipped the light switch and wouldn't you know it the light bulb blew. The lights in the bedroom were on but the closet was pretty dark especially at the back. I have a section of double rods at the back and the clothes on the lower rod hang down to about 2 or 3 inches off the floor. So I'm down on my knees feeling around in the dark, crawling over shoes when I get to the back corner...........there he was....... under my winter jackets..............shaking. He was really scared. I sat down and he got on my lap and we sat in the dark closet ...........after my eyes adjusted it didn't seem so dark and when the thunder stopped Zeke was good to go. I guess Zeke and I had a little KODAK moment too.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Business Expense?

You know how when your children are just starting preschool or kindergarten and you sort of meet other parents but you don't really know their know them as little Sarah's mom or little Tim's dad and that's the way they know you until one day you see them somewhere without the children and you finally introduce yourself last the parents have real names and sometimes you even become friends. Of course that was decades ago for me but it is now happening with the pack. People see us out and about with the boys and they ALWAYS notice the boys and probably barely see us.
Now that I am an official "temporary" employee for the Census Bureau my association with three little cavaliers has proved to be very beneficial on several occasions. My most recent batch of census forms all had addresses here in Rose even though Rose Hill is fairly large with around 400 homes I was calling on neighbors so to speak. Numerous times I have been greeted at the door with ........oh I know you have the three little dogs..........................or .....I've seen you walking the cute little have the pretty King Charles!
You get the picture. It made a mundane task into a fun chat and I met some nice people and we now know each other's name.
Of course not everyone is so pleasant and on two occasions I called on addresses where I met with very unhappy people who were not willing in fact adamantly opposed to the census etc.
I thought I was going to go away emptyhanded until I mentioned that we walked near their home and saw their dogs............that broke the ice and when they found out I have the cavaliers the tone of the conversation changed drastically..........all of a sudden I was no longer the big bad government ...........just a neighbor who loves dogs too.............I got the most important info needed if not all of it and they are now counted in the census.
.....................I think my boys should get an identification badge like I have that I have to wear around my neck at all times while on the job............I could attach it to their collars right next to their rabies's an official tag but my name is written on it with a SHARPIE. I suppose that might not fly but at the very least I think I should be able to list them as a business expense. They definitely helped take the census!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Working Dogs Part 2

I would be happy to tell you that the boys quickly adjusted to our training schedule but, of course, that didn't happen. In fact Friday was the only day I didn't have to carry one of them outside each morning. I know dogs live in the moment but they weren't diggin' the morning moments.
My front door is made up of beveled glass panels divided into 9"x12" sections and the bottom three panels look like picture frames when you walk up to the front porch and see each dog peering through their assigned pane.............don't know who assigned the panes but they are always at the same one. They are very still and quiet until I start to walk up the steps and that's when the action begins..........Montgomery barks and goes in circles, Zeke barks a little and leaps straight up over and over, and Brogie barks continuously and marches in place. This happened each day at lunch and again at the end of the day.........and my usually undemanding boys DEMANDED a 5 minute love fest no matter how bad I had to go the bathroom. I try to give each of them the amount of attention they want ...........Gummie is satisfied first with Brogie coming in a distant second while Zeke would like to be velcroed (is that a word?) to my body and would be content in my lap for who knows how long.
It was a long week for the boys but they survived. I don't think I would appreciate a census taker.........I mean an ENUMERATOR knocking on my door early in the morning so I don't head out until 10 or so now and the boys are much happier. Granted their main activity is sleeping during the day but they don't like to start their day job until they've had a really good, long night's sleep. You might say I have three little pampered pets or............does the term SPOILED ROTTEN come to mind? Either way, I'm lovin' it.

Working Dogs Part 1

The business of architecture is slow these days and I have had way too much time on my hands so a few months ago I took a test to become a census taker. The census bureau deemed me to be literate enough to do the job and for 8 weeks I will be (you won't believe this) an ENUMERATOR. Do you think the government paid someone to come up with that job title?............The best part is that I can make my own schedule so it won't interfere with other things.............except for last week which was TRAINING WEEK.

I had to be there at 8:00 am which is no problem for me as I usually get up early anyhow.............but it was a big problem for the boys. When I called them at 6:30 the reaction was underwhelming to say the least. Left undisturbed they will sleep to 9 or happens often. That first morning the only reaction I got was that Montgomery opened his eyes!!! That's it.......nothing else. So I turned on all the lights, TV, and got some music going on the computer.............nothing. I finally knocked on the bedroom door and that got Montgomery's attention. Zeke could care less and Brogie probably didn't hear it. I had to pick Zeke up and carry him outside...........went back in to get Brogie and picked him up gently as he is always stiff first thing in the a.m. and when I put him down outside he just stood there was still kind of dark and he just stood there and looked at me like I had lost my mind......he was so tired and stiff he SQUATTED to pee!!! When I let them back inside they made a bee line to the bed and when I left at 7:30 all three of them were snoring.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Not only is Zeke handsome but he is also VERY well behaved....but (of course there has to be a but) we do have one issue. Any time Zeke is outside he has to be on a leash unless he is in the fenced in yard because if he sees anything move and I mean anything ........bird, deer, rabbit, butterfly, dog, cat, ANYTHING...........he takes off after it and will not stop until he decides to stop no matter what I do.
We take a 2 or 3 mile walk most days on the horse trails in our little neighborhood and there is a one mile section that is bordered by a fence on one side and thick brush on the other side and I have been letting the boys off the leash there and they LOVE it. The first thing they do is run as fast as they can for about 15 seconds or so and since the trail winds a good bit they are out of our sight for awhile but then they turn and head back to where they can see us and we can see them at which time they take off again.............and so it goes over and over. Zeke takes a few detours but he gets back to the trail pretty quickly and I've learned to have faith that it will be ok.
At one point two trails intersect and that is where we gather up the boys and put the leashes back on. Recently Zeke made the decision that he didn't want to do it that way anymore. He wants to go the rest of the way home (it's only about 1/4 mile but you have to cross a paved road) off leash.
He was so put out with me that he threw a tantrum!!!!!! As soon as I snapped on the leash he grabbed the fabric lead and shook it as hard as he could then he threw himself down on the ground all the time shaking that lead......I got him up and we walked home with Zeke shaking the lead all the way. I think he growled a few times. At one point I stopped and told him to SIT which he did and he looked up at me with those big brown eyes and the lead in his mouth and what could I do...........he is so sweet and so cute and so well behaved......................I gave him a big hug !!!!!!!!!
Guess I showed him.