Wednesday, April 28, 2010

E and Zeke go to the vet

I hope the Easter Bunny leaves you a basket full of love and good health and maybe a piece of really good chocolate!!

Zeke and I had an interesting afternoon this past week. He wasn't eating with his usual gusto and seemed to be on top of me at all times so I knew something was going on with after some feeling around I discovered true grossness encrusted all over his little package.....tried washing, trimming, more washing but nothing was working so I'm thinking he's got some terrible STD or worse as I had never seen anything quite like it before.The next afternoon Zeke and I went to the vet's office and found that my usual vet had sold his business and moved to Murrell's Inlet on Jan. 1. So there we were ..... new Vet, new dog, new office procedure and new ailment. Could have been a disaster but the new Vet was great, Zeke was his wonderful self and the encrusted wang was not nearly as bad as it looked (and smelled).
As soon as we walked in the door Zeke was the center of attention and everyone had to put their hands on him and talk baby talk etc. You would not I guess you would probably have expected it as I do now. Besides his only competition at the time was a yappy little terrier of some kind and an ill tempered pomeranian.....give me a break. When we got in the examination room and they saw what I was talking about they decided to lay him on his back to clean him up and he wanted no part of it so I stepped in and told them to let me hold him and of course they were skeptical but said we'd give it a try....I picked him up and cradled him like a baby and he didn't move or make a sound for twenty minutes......he just looked at me and I kept telling him what a good boy he was. The vet and his assistant were really caring and gentle during the entire process .....they used a saline solution and some other stuff, trimmed some weird hairs growing in weird directions and then the vet grabs Zeke's shaft and says let's take a look at that are probably used to things like that but a thousand funny things popped into my head honest they flashed in your mind I said geeze Doc your idea of foreplay stinks!!!!! It just came flying out of my mouth and they started laughing so hard so much so that the receptionist came back to see what was going on. Zeke was a champ through it all and the vet was impressed with him but there's no telling what he thought of me.

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