Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have always heard that as soon as you think you know what's going to happen and how it's going to will surely be wrong. The older I get,  the more true it seems to be. I am a realist but still an optimist....sort of....and  this Christmas season was shaping up in my mind to be ....difficult ....maybe even depressing......but there was that little bit of hope in there.
As it turned out we had one of the best holidays in recent memory. Since I analyze everything........I had to question..........WHY?
I came to the conclusion that it was a combination of things totally out of my control mixed in with a little bit of effort and topped off with what I will name...CAVALIER COMEDY.
This was Lucy's first Christmas with us and she has mixed things up............first, it was the scented tissue paper episode and then the curling ribbon entanglement and did I mention the missing ornaments?
I had a bunch of ornaments laid out on the table complete with the hangers attached and ready to be interrupted and had to go out for awhile. When I got home I noticed that the only ornaments on the table were the glass balls and a few of those were on the floor. I assumed someone had put them on the tree. So I put the balls on and got another batch ready to hang. Nancy came by and invited us to go out for a late lunch. We enjoyed our meal and a few adult beverages and the tree remained  mostly undecorated.........when we got home the only thing left on the table was two glass balls!
I'm no brainiac but there were no humans in the house while we were gone and  there were no little Christmas elves decorating my only helpers have floppy ears and huge brown eyes!!!
Brogie, Gummie, and Zeke have never ever shown any interest in Christmas ornaments.
I searched all over the house and got downright worried when I couldn't find anything...........had visions of rushing Lucy to the Vet to have X rays of her stomach and then surgery mind was going crazy.
I found 42 ornaments resting under my bed......all intact.....nestled among some of the biggest dust bunnies I have ever seen.  I could have taken a picture but it's one thing to tell people you're a not so good house keeper.....but there's no way I'd take a picture to prove it.
Lucy, who I have nicknamed GOOSE, enjoyed everything about Christmas.
So did I.