Thursday, January 27, 2011


Our little Brogie has been having some trouble holding it (me too).....he tries to make it down the stairs and out the door but it's hard .......especially first thing in the morning and he's had some accidents. You remember how touch and go it was right after your children got potty trained so you put a diaper on them at bedtime ...just in case....well that's what I do with Brogie. He has a fancy little doggie diaper.....denim with plaid inside and a hole for his fluffy tail. It works like a charm and he is so used to it and so easy about the whole thing that he doesn't get on the bed until I put on his diaper.Each night he waits beside the bed .......wagging...... and since he's so good about the whole thing I love on him and he rubs his face all over me and of course that gets the other two off the bed....and we have a big scratch and rub session........every night.
In the morning we all go downstairs together and they wait by the door for me to get the diaper off of Sir Broughan. Well that's usually what happens.............this morning we got up really early and I must have had a moment because I opened the door and off they went. I started the coffee and turned on the TV, sat down at the breakfast table, looked out on the patio and there he was..................his stiff little legs were spread out and he was barking his little tiny bark and I knew what I had done!!!!!!!!!!
Have you seen that commercial that's running these days for Huggies or one of the diaper companies that says......what happens in a diaper should stay in the diaper............and they are having a contest to see which baby dumps the biggest load in his diaper........I'll put Brogie up against any of them.
He was wet ....he was poopie ....but he was still wagging and he never got upset. I got him all cleaned up and apologized the whole time but he didn't care.......he loves me no matter what and as far as he was concerned it was over. I felt terrible but he just wanted me to get it all off so he could have some I cooked BACON

Saturday, January 15, 2011


After our little episode with the pit bull both Brogie and Gummie carried on with life as normal but Zeke , well you know. Could not coax him out the front door much less down the driveway....the fenced back yard was ok but that was all. After a few days of that I decided I had to do something .......tried several things including liver treats (which always worked before) but what worked this time was the car. Zeke's favorite thing is to go for a ride and when I opened the car door he could not resist.........we rode over to a park that is close out and went for a great walk. It was in the middle of the day and we were alone took 4 or 5 trips for him to really relax but I think it's going well. He will now walk in the neighborhood and yesterday we ventured out on the same path where we had all the trouble.......this time we went the other way.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Well here we are 2011.........I didn't make any resolutions, never do, because if I had I would have already broken it.
Steve hasn't been able to walk with us for several months and so I take all three dogs by myself which requires a little coordination......I put Brogie on a tension lead that extends 15 feet and keep the other two on short leather leads. It works well as I put Brogie's lead in my pocket and he follows just behind us. I've had people ask if I was a dog walker etc. but today I was talking to a lady that I've never seen before and she asked me if I was a HOARDER. I still don't know how I feel about it.............I think I'll just chalk that one up as a weird encounter........anyhow, that happened early on and little did we know what was around the corner.
It is a little over a mile from our house to the entrance of our little neighborhood and just as we made the turn onto the bikepath we saw a lady and her dog way ahead waiting by the road, I think she was waiting for the school bus, and as we got closer I noticed that her dog was not on a was a fairly large dog but I really didn't think too much about it as we have never had any real problems. As we got close I heard her telling the dog to sit and she took hold of his collar............we walked on with no problem but I cringed a bit when I realized it was a pit bull..........kept walking and thought all was good......about 3 minutes later I heard her screaming at the dog and I knew what happened........and I knew what was about to she was screaming I turned around and got all the dogs behind me and I got myself as big as I could and I started screaming at him to stay...... he was coming at us so fast but the same time it was like a movie in super slow motion..........I was so scared but I knew he was hell bent on getting us and there is no way I'll just be a victim without a fight. I have no idea what made him stop except I screamed soooooo loud and had my hands in front of him ..................he stopped less than 3 feet from my hand..................and he growled and I screamed at him to stay ..............he growled and took a step toward me and I dropped the leashes and I lunged at him with fists flying.............I think I scared him ...........he started backing up but he had a mean look on his face so I just stood my ground and his owner finally caught up and grabbed him. Since he had already gotten away from her before, I figured it could happen again so I took the lead off Montgomery and gave it to her and she took her dog
I looked at my three little boys............they looked at me ............they started wagging....... and I
started crying. I hugged them and we headed home. As we passed their house the lady came out to return the lead............she was very apologetic but I was having none of it and told her I would talk to her tomorrow. I want her to worry about this for awhile.
I was so scared today........... On the positive side, I got through the whole thing and didn't wet my pants!!!!!!!!!!!