Friday, December 31, 2010


It's New Year's Eve and we just got home from an oyster roast and I'm already hearing random fireworks.............Zeke hates it........and is in my lap right now. Glad we didn't stay long because here in an hour or so he'll really need some comforting.
Right after Christmas we went to visit one of Steve's brothers and they had a 13 week old basset cute. He loved all the boys but his most favorite was Brogie. He curled up next to Brogie and the two of them slept most of the afternoon. They have a Great Dane named Barkley and his favorite was Montgomery.........they played all afternoon........chasing tennis balls and soccer balls. Their other dog is a Boston Terrier, female named Jessie...........and her favorite, of course, was the handsome boy, Zeke. They walked around together and sat by the fire together and tried to beg for treats together. We had a great time watching them...............when did my life start revolving around the antics of the dogs????????????

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Brogie and Gummie spent the day napping but Zeke and I were very busy.........we had some baking to do and it took us all afternoon.
When I first started puttering about in the kitchen all of the boys were asleep on their pads and not in the least interested in what I was doing didn't take long before Zeke knew what was going on. I think it's the smell of butter that gets him interested.........whatever it is, he watched my every move for hours. He is the most patient of the three and never gives up. I love it......and now I talk to him and ask him his opinion about how I'm doing things and if it looks done or does it need a few more minutes etc. and he looks back at me with those huge brown eyes ......there is so much hope in his eyes and with good reason. He likes everything I bake....... even fruit cake cookies!!!!
I have never had a dog that liked to help out in the kitchen and I'm lovin' it.
Zeke is going to be very happy tomorrow because I'm baking some peanut butter chewies for Brandon .....and Zeke loves LOVES peanut butter.
I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I hope you have some yummy baked goods and hugs and kisses from those you love.....and I hope you all have at least one furry little friend to help you enjoy it all even more.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


You should see our little neighborhood........all decked out for the holidays.........come to think of it the entire cul de sac is probably visible from space at night. Well, maybe not, but there are lights everywhere and I've been taking the boys for a stroll just before 8 each night and there is no need for a flashlight. The Christmas decorations don't bother the dogs the way the Halloween stuff did. As a matter of fact, they seem to really like it. One neighbor has a group of three really large snowmen very close to the street.......almost in the street...........they are brightly lit at night and Zeke can't wait to pee on them every time. I saw these folks out in the yard and confessed Zeke's obsession and they laughed and said every dog from the area has had a field day with those snowmen!!! Gummie and Brogie are more fond of a house on down the street that has a long hedge next to the street and has a zillion white lights next to a lamp post tightly wrapped with a million green lights............Brogie pees on the lamp post, Gummie next to the hedge and Zeke takes aim again on the post. And so it goes each the time we get home they are as dry as a bone.
I have a winding driveway and some oak trees and have draped red and green lights from the trees across the drive over to the oaks on the other side and it is really cool. Lots of people have driven up under the lights and asked to take pictures of their's been fun. You can't see our house from the street but everyone can see the explosion of red and green and it makes you smile. I definitely fit in this new neighborhood......we are all a little over the edge.