Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have once again fallen in love with a cavalier.......LUCY. Officially, she still belongs to Holly and will go back to Lula early next year to have one more I tried, I really tried to just be fond of her and enjoy our time together.....but you know how it is!
She loves to cuddle and she loves to get all up in your grille and she looks at you with those fantastic eyes and boy oh boy does she pull at your heart.
She was mostly afraid of the world when she arrived here. Our first walk in the neighborhood terrified her.......and when someone rang the doorbell, oh no.
Now when I pick up the leashes she runs over and begs to be the first .......but then she likes to be first in everything. Did I mention that Lucy is now a DIVA? She has gone from tail between the legs to "queen of the manor". The boys are sooooo laid back that they allow her to be first in almost everything. She is doing really well meeting new people............still very uneasy with children....but we are working on it.
Late yesterday afternoon Zeke and I were busy in the kitchen baking a birthday cake for an old friend and Gummie and Lucy started barking at the front door........Lucy has the biggest bark of the bunch........and the biggest bravado to boot....all of that from a little girl that three months ago kept her tail between her legs. I looked out the window ...nothing...went back to the kitchen and Lucy followed me and stood in my way and BARKED and BARKED some more so we went back to the front door...........and it was on.
I cracked the door open and didn't see anything....but Lucy sure did. She let out a shrill bark/howl that shocked all of the point we all took a step back.......but not Lucy. As soon as I got the door opened she bolted out and charged a fox squirrel who was munching away in the middle of the driveway. Gummie and Brogie were right behind her but Zeke opted to wait for me to lead the way.
A fox squirrel is not your run of the mill backyard's about twice as big and has a huge fluffy tail......similar to a fox. Lucy almost got it but it scurried up a big oak tree.......and although Lucy was the instigator she was quickly joined by all the boys. They barked, they jumped up and they circled and I think they had a blast.
Lucy looks like a sweet, shy little girl and in a way she is...........but you know what, she is the BRAVEST of the bunch. Brogie is a close second with Gummie a distant third....and our little comedian, Zeke, is happy to take the last slot.