Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Carson Boys

We had bath day on Wed. and as usual I learned a thing or two. I have always bragged about how good Montgomery is about taking a I bathed him first and dryed him with the hair dryer and trimmed a little around the far so good. Next up Zeke. I didn't know what to expect but I figured at least I had one of them done and I'd get through the next two. Well turns out Zeke is absolutely wonderful getting a bath. He even did his patented snort when I scrubbed around his tail and behind his ears........his tail wagged most of the time annd when I blow dryed he laid down on the towels and I just rolled him over when I needed to get to another side. Every time I told him what a good boy he is he licked me and looked at me with those huge brown eyes. OK so at this point I am happy beyond words so even if Brogie turns out to be difficult I feel like it will work out fine. Now Brogie had been watching all of this as he was on my bed in the pillows and from there you can see the tub and vanity and I was pleased because at least he hadn't run off to hide. I try to be much more gentle with everything I do with Brogie because he is so stiff and I know a lot of things hurt him but you would never be able to tell that when he's getting a bath..........he was magnificent.........even lifted each leg when I asked and he loves to be rubbed on his chest and his private parts. Blow drying was equally good. He held his head up and seemed to love the air on his chest. He loves attention and he made the whole thing a real love fest. So now I can brag about how wonderful all of the boys are on bath day.
I'm attaching a few pictures taken right before and during one of our walks. They all have on their Halloween bandanas and I think they look very handsome. I will take more pictures soon just haven't gotten into that much yet.

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