Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baking with Zeke

It is surely getting close to the holidays because this afternoon I decided to bake cookies and in my later life that doesn't happen very often..........same thing with real cooking and just about every other domestic thing I can think of ...........but today the old urge for home baked goodness got the best of me. Zeke is my kitchen buddy and when I started mulling around in the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon he was anxious to know what was up. He watched everything and smelled everything....butter, eggs, brown sugar oh my....I read the recipe out loud to him and he turned his head back and forth as if he knew exactly what was going one point I had to get a paper towel and wipe the drool off his mouth. He had two long strings hanging all the way to the floor!!!!!!!
We set our counter tops higher than normal because we are so tall and it's a good thing because if they were standard height I believe Z would jump right up there. Usually he just sits and watches me but today I think the smells got to him as he got so worked up he did the snort thing and did a little whining..........he was so cute.........and he loved his very own just out of the oven COOKIE!!!!!

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