Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Steve and I wear down vests during the fall, winter, and spring and it's usually all you need here. Daughter Leslie gave all the pups a new vest for Christmas and we were happy to have them yesterday. We had to go on our walk early yesterday and when we left it was 27 degrees.........way cold for us. I was so bundled up that I looked like the Pilsbury dough boy and Steve was the Michelin Man........but the puppies were adorable.
Brogie has worn clothes before as he was comfortable getting dressed and moved normally but Zeke was a little concerned. He let me put his vest on but then he tried to rub it off........when it wouldn't come off he ran to me with that look...fix it Mom! Montgomery is used to it so he knew we were going out and he was happy. Brogie's vest has a pocket.....must be for his cell phone!!!!!!! When we got outside we were all happy to be dressed for the weather even Zeke. Today he didn't even try to rub it off.

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