Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Couldn't put it off any longer so decided to wrap gifts last night.....I have turned into a scrooge as I find gift wrapping to be a pain and have even considered stuffing everything in a bag with tissue paper peeking over the top....just think it could be a theme Christmas...BAGS R US or SANTA SACKS or even better PRETTY PAPER POKES .....maybe next year.

In the midst of all the paper cutting and taping and bow making and just when I was completely sick of it all one of my little guys made me laugh out loud. I had bought Steve one of those nice rain jackets that has a zip in or out fleece jacket inside so it's good for all year wear as he has worn the same one for years now and it looks ruff. I had it laying in a big box but had not put the top on yet . Zeke was in the box on top of the jacket ON HIS BACK.
Jacket- $100.00.........Zeke in the box- Priceless

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