Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We all know that I am looney tunes about the boys but in my defense all that I am about to tell you is in connection with a charity event for the Humane Society.........ok that makes me feel a little bit better I think.
After a few hours of bathing, blow drying, grooming, and brushing and of course Christmas bandana attaching we loaded up the boys and went to a local pet shop for pictures with the big guy....that's right ........SANTA
We arrived at our assigned time but they were running a bit late so we opened up the back of the car and the boys were on view......they were a hit as usual even though all the dogs I saw were beautiful......but let's face it they aren't cavaliers. The clientel at this little shop is represented by every manner of purebred canine you can think of and the Carson Pack was the hit of the day. Santa was one of the owners of the shop and he is a little guy and he was really good with all the dogs. When we were done he wanted to hold Brogie a little longer and Brogie looked at him with his big soulful eyes and Santa was hooked. He rubbed Brogie and talked to him for a good while........don't think he wanted to stop but the lapso aphso group right behind us was getting crazy.
They even took a few shots of all the Carsons on the sofa with Santa......we have lost our minds. I don't think any of the pictures will be very good as the boys were really excited and the photographer was not a professional.....but everyone made a nice donation and we all had a fun time and when we get the disk I'll send them to you.
We had some errands to do so by the time we got home the fellas were wasted as you can see in the enclosed photos........they slept for hours.

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