Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cold, Wet Winter

Our front yard is under water and the only good thing is that I guess we could list it as "waterfront" property and market it to boaters.
I must have enjoyed the flu as I proceeded to have a relapse and can't seem to get back to normal.
In fact everyone I talk to these days is in the middle of some kind of turmoil whether it's marital problems or financial woes or health issues or grown children having to move back home and the list goes on. This is truly the winter of discontent............but I am so lucky to have my very own antidepressant available to me 24/7 and no prescription necessary. General Montgomery H Carson, Lord Broughan Carson and Zig Zag Zeke Carson shower me with affection and adoration each and every time they see me. They treat me like I'm the most magnificent person ever..........I get to smile over and over every day and not many people get to do that these days. Too bad I can't really bottle this stuff......I could call it CAVALIER CURE ALL.........garanteed to ease your pain , soothe your soul and bring you joy.

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