Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Too Tall

A few years ago Rose Hill converted it's 27 hole golf course back to a normal 18 hole what do you do with all that property. Can't tell you what a hot topic it was here in our little part of the world. While the powers that be tried to decide what to do with it the residents of Rose Hill started using it just as it should be used.......the cart path is paved and is just over two miles long so walkers, joggers, bikers and skaters put it to good use. Flying kites and electric airplanes is a big activity also. But the people that use it the most are the dog owners. We even call it the dog park. There are two poop bag dispensers and trash containers so it is a great set up. The boys love it and we have been letting them off leash at the far end. Zeke runs as hard as he can for a few minutes and then goes in circles........then he runs back to us and circles should see his little face. I swear he's smiling!!!!
I don't know if you'll believe this as we had a hard time believing our own eyes the first time but Brogie is a great little runner.......he keeps up with Zeke and Montgomery. He's not so good on the circling part but in a straight line he's right there with them and if there is a squirrel or bird he'll lead the way. We think he has a little bit of alzheimers because when he sees a big egret he forgets how stiff he is and hauls his butt as fast as he can......he gets pretty tired and seems to be happy when I put the leash back on.
As we were walking back to the car today a man with two very large great
danes was just starting their walk........and the funniest thing happened. Montgomery and Brogie went over to meet and greet and do the smell the butt routine but no matter how hard they stretched they couldn't get a good sniff.......Brogie got up on his hind legs and put his front paws on Montgomery's back and still couldn't get anywhere near where he needed to be for a proper sniff. The great danes were so sweet.......they just looked around and when their dad called them they trotted off. Of course Zeke was in his usual spot when big dogs are around....behind his mama.

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