Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Occasionally in life when we put a little effort into something we see some rewards and I'm here to tell you that sometimes that little bit of effort can pay back BIGTIME. The first few days we had Brogie he was sweet, quiet, and always tried to do what we asked.........but when I looked in his little eyes all I saw was not really sadness but maybe the best description would be resignation. He wasn't eating much....he was lethargic........he never caused any trouble and he seemed to love any attention I gave him but he was not thriving. At first I thought maybe his age had gotten the best of him and he was too tired to try anymore but then I remembered our first trip up to your place and how he took off to go up to your house to visit the ladies. He was a dog on a mission and that was in early August so I began a new strategy with Lord Broughan. I knew he wasn't eating enough so I started feeding him in a room by himself and boy oh boy did that work...........he eats everything in his bowl and scratches on the door when he's's done wonders for him and now he sits in the kitchen licking his chops while I get his bowl ready. The other thing I did was to spend some time alone with him each day....he has responded so well that I am amazed. I think Montgomery and Zeke are so much stronger and have so much more energy that they push Brogie to the side in their exuberence for food, treats, attention and whatever else is going on. They don't mean to hurt him or anything like that it's just the way it is. Brogie now trots over to me and asks for loving and I most always stop what I'm doing and hug on him and you should see the twinkle in his eyes.........he is a love muffin. We have been taking him on our walks every other day so that his little joints and muscles could rest but he is doing so well we're going to go to a two days on and one day to rest schedule. We wallk briskly for at least an hour an he can now keep pace and I swear he looks like he's enjoying it. He might be old but he's got a lot of living to do and I mean HAPPY living for him and me. I adore him.
I have a lot to tell about Zeke too but I'll do that next time.

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