Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meal Time

We live a fairly quiet life these days.......maybe it borders on boring.....but some of the things I might have missed during my busy years are no longer overlooked and often bring an unexpected smile or big laugh. We have settled into a routine at mealtime and the dogs and cat are fed first and they all must have watches as they start assembling at about the same time in the morning and in the evening. All three dogs are so much the same and so much different and mealtime is the perfect example. Now these guys spend all of their time together but I feed them in separate rooms for a number of reasons .........the most important being that it gives Brogie a chance to eat in peace and he does so well that way. Truth be told we do a lot of things a certain way to accomodate Brogie's age but then he is the kind of dog that makes you want to do that...........I wish we had gotten him many years ago.
While I am fixing their meal they are watching my every move......they have learned not to sit in front of the refrigerator or the microwave but the rest of the kitchen is theirs.......and they have fairly good patience.....up to a point.
Zeke is first....simply because he is the most enthusiastic which is a nice way to say he's hell bent on getting his food and getting it now! He is fed in the utility room and when I'm walking that way he moonwalks swiftly..........guess you might call it moontrots all the way never taking his big brown eyes off his bowl. You would think going backwards that fast that he would bump into something but he must have the route memorized as he never touches anything. To me it's the cutest thing and he does it everytime.
Brogie is next and his thing is to start licking his chops and walking in place.........I guess he has flat feet or fallen arches or something and we describe his style of walking as paddling ........I take his bowl to the bedroom and I hear him paddling behind me and when I put the bowl down he paddles into just the right position and let me tell you he moves around until he is in his most preferred position .........then he gets into it just as much as the others, teeth or no teeth.
Montgomery is last because it's OK with him to be last.........he is just as eager but is willing to wait. Now Montgomery is like his Mama when it comes to weight.........not breed standard.........more of us to love!!!!!!!!! He tells me how happy he is with his tail....instead of wagging from side to side it goes around in circles and then when I start to bend over to put his bowl down he goes around in a circle too! Does it every time.
What may be viewed as a chore to get the dogs fed has turned into a little comedy act that I get to enjoy twice a day.

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