Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Saga Begins

My husband and I became empty nesters later in life than most. It was bittersweet but we adjusted and got busy living our new life. All was well for several years until our 16 year old poodle died. Losing a beloved pet is always hard no matter what stage of life you are in but this time it was crushing. It took me a year to even think about getting a new dog and another 6 months to get serious about it.
We have always had cocker spaniels and then our little poodle and I thought it would be a cool idea to get a cockapoo. Our daughter wanted us to think about getting some dog called a CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL. She's pretty sharp......she told me all about cavaliers and then showed me pictures!!!!!!!!
I had to have one.....a tricolor. Someone was looking out for me because I did everything wrong research, no visit to see facilities or parents, and no references from former clients. I saw the ad and called the number. Next thing you know I am pulling into the parking lot of a McDonalds just off I 20 and meeting a "breeder". She was parked by the dumpster but all I could see was the magnificent little puppy in her arms. In no time at all I was whipping out hundred dollar bills like they grew on trees. I got the paperwork and the puppy and headed off into the sunset. I am sure that if anyone was looking at the surveilance cameras for McDonalds the whole thing would look like a drug deal at twilight.
I named him Montgomery but we mostly call him Gummie. Fortunately, his heart and knees are good and I later found out the seller is known to be a respectable person etc. For the next year I was deep into puppy love but as we all know one cavalier is never enough and Gummie loves other dogs.......but I just didn't want to start over again with a puppy..........I wanted an instant pal for Gummie. Again someone was looking out for me as one day I came upon a neat website........CAVALIERS BY CRUMLEY. I read everything on the site, looked at all the pictures, and did it all over again the next day. I was excited about the retiree section and decided that even though Holly had no idea who I was or what kind of person I was ..........well I was going to fill out the retiree application and somehow I would convince her that we would be a good fit for one of her beloved cavaliers.
In August 2009 we drove to Lula, GA to meet Holly and 10 year old Broughan aka Brogie. Gummie loved it. We got down on the floor amidst all the wagging and met precious Trudy and sweet Lily and handsome, handsome, handsome Zeke.
On October 10 2009 we returned to Lula to pick up the boys.......BROGIE and we have a pack!!!
As Holly was saying her goodbyes to Brogie and Zeke, she teared up and I felt horrible even though I was so happy and I quickly said that we would stay in touch..............AND WE WILL


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