Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Puppy Love

OMG...........Zeke is in love! You would think a handsome fella like Zeke would have an eye for the spunky little poodle at the end of our street or maybe the fluffy lapso apso or our neighbor's corgi but noooooooooo.........he's got the hots for a HAT.
This love story began on Christmas. Steve got this cool hat as a's red and black plaid and has ear flaps but the main thing is that it's lined with rabbit fur. Steve has a very big head and this hat is huge and when it came out of the box all three dogs made a bee line for it. Brogie and Montgomery lost interest but Zeke was beside himself. Finally put it up and out of sight but I guess it wasn't out of smell as Zeke sat in front of the closet door and patiently waited.......and waited........and waited
I lured him away with food and Steve took the hat out to the garage. Zeke went back to the closet and knew it was gone so he went all over the house sniffing.....didn't give up for a long time. A few days later I heard Zeke out in the garage barking which is unusual so I investigated and he had spotted the hat on a high shelf and he was jumping and barking and totally revved up. That same day we went to an oyster roast and Steve wore the hat and when we got home he left it in the car. Steve putters around in the garage a lot and is often working on his car so a few days later I was in the kitchen and Zeke came running in the house with the beloved hat. I was afraid he was going to tear it up but I guess I didn't realize that this was "puppy love" for real. I tried to grab it but he ran over to the bed and jumped up and rubbed his head and all of his body all over the hat and then layed on top of it. I eventually got it but felt terrible when he looked at me with those huge brown eyes. We would give it to him if it was't such a nice hat. So now I'm on the look out for a cheap hat with rabbit fur.

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