Monday, September 5, 2011


Lucy is in heat(she is not scheduled for breeding until next cycle) and we have never had this experience before. Gummie is oblivious to it but Zeke and Brogie...oh my...happy days are here again!!! Both were neutered two years ago but neither got the memo.
Zeke was a stud for only 2 or 3 years .....he was prolific ....guess the ladies couldn't resist his handsomeness(is that a word?) ....whatever, he was eager to PERFORM. Lucy had some thoughts on the subject, however, and they did not include Zeke. He was rebuffed quickly. Zeke is very sensitive and an abrubt rejection like that was evidently more than he could handle....he went upstairs and put his head under the pillows.
Lucy could care less.....she only has eyes for Brogie.....12 year old Brogie...stiff, arthritic lovable ole Brogie. He perked up quickly, muscle memory triumphed briefly but only briefly. Lucy presented herself to him repeatedly with no real results. She was all decked out in a state of the art PINK chastity diaper, guaranteed to thwart any unwanted or WANTED intrusions to her litttle self.
Brogie sniffed it... and her.... and made the right movements but he's an OLD guy....need I say more.
Lucy decided to show him the way to glory.........on his rear at first and when that didn't work .... she mounted on his face. I intervened just to prevent Brogie from suffering any more humiliation.
As I understand it, the heat cycle lasts for 3 weeks and we're half way.....Gummie, Zeke, and Lucy will be fine. Jury's still out about Brogie.... and me.