Saturday, March 26, 2011


Word on the street is that on April 16th, somewhere between Brunswick, GA and Hilton Head Island, SC there's going to be a gathering assemblage...a collection...a cavalier concourse if you will.......whatever you want to call it. It will be a Crumley Cavalier Celebration and I can't wait to see all of that cavalier cuteness in one location. I told the boys about it but you know they did what they always do ............wag and wag some more. They will be excited when we get there but I'm already looking forward to it.
I've had a busy few weeks and late yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the patio enjoying an "adult" beverage..........don't you just love that term.........actually it was just a little vodka on the rocks...........anyhow, Zeke jumped on my lap, it caught me by surprise and vodka and ice went flying all over the place. I wasn't going to be denied so I fixed another glass and started walking out when a bumble bee on steroids swooped down on me and then on Zeke and back on me........somewhere during the buzzing and dodging my freshly refreshed drink went flying over me and Zeke and the bumble bee too. I looked down on the patio and the bee was awash in ice cubes and vodka......he was buzzing like crazy and Gummie was all excited..........his tail was circling itself at warp speed ...........but it was Brogie who charged the bee. Remember Brogie only has a few teeth so I guess he planned to gum it to death.......I got him back and crunched the poor ole bee just so none of us got stung. Sometimes I think I'm a magnet for strange things and strange occurrences......anyhow we all opted to go inside and stay inside.
Brogie doesn't worry too much about his age.......he's an awesome dog and I wish ...........I really wish I had known him when he was young but I am thankful to have him now and I am enjoying every day we have with him.

Friday, March 11, 2011


My bathroom in this house is smaller than I am used to and as a result I often put the toilet lid down so that I can sit and put on socks, shoes etc. I walked in there last night and Zeke was sitting on the toilet ...........and had a sheepish look on his face. I thought it was so cute and I gave him a little scratch on his back.........he wagged and jumped down.
We settled in and got to sleep soon after but at around 2a.m. Gummie got all agitated and started whining. Being half asleep, I got up and was heading to the stair to take him out but he didn't follow so I got back in bed. As I was trying to go back to sleep I heard crunch...crunch...crunch..........coming from the bathroom. I sat up and saw Gummie at the bathroom ,whining and pacing. So I got up again and peeked in there ......Zeke, Zeke, Zeke.
He was standing on the counter ....front paws on one side of the sink, back paws on the other side......he was really stretched out. And when he saw me he started crunching as fast as he could!! My purse was on the counter and inside I had some cheerios wrapped in clear plastic. (I remembered running out of little baggies and had to use the dreaded clingy plastic wrap). I never put my purse there but there it was and Zeke was not going to miss the chance for a quick snack. Brogie slept through it all but I put Zeke down on the floor and divided the remaining cheerios for him and Gummie.
Giving them the cheerios was probably the wrong thing to do ...........I'm not so good with discipline when it comes to the boys.....but the way I figure it, they make me LAUGH even if it is at 2a.m. and that's worth a few cheerios anytime.

Friday, March 4, 2011


OMG......I have been a dog!
It all started a few weeks morning Brogie seemed stiffer than usual and when we got to the steps he hesitated...........I started down and looked back at him and he looked at me with his melt-your-heart little face and I decided to go scoop him up and we all went downstairs. The next morning I went downstairs and heard Brogie barking at the top of the stairs so I went back up and carried him down. He quickly figured out that if he wanted either up or down the stair all he had to do was bark and I'd give him a free ride. You know , I was a little suspicious because he was still walking well and he often chased the squirrels etc .........but I thought the stairs were too painful for him. WRONG.
I was out of town for a few days and when I called home I asked Steve how he was doing with Brogie and the stairs and wouldn't you know it .......Mr. melt-your-heart had been running up and down the stairs at will for two days.
OK maybe he had an injury and needed a little help for awhile ......and maybe his injury was healed by the time I went on my trip.............m a y b e..........whatever, that's how I'm going to rationalize the whole thing. I have to preserve a little bit of dignity, right?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Spring has sprung.......the Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom and they are everywhere. I always think they look like white hot air balloons, still tethered but eager to fly. Next week all of their blossoms will yield to vibrant green leaves and they'll look like huge green tootsie pops. Daffodils are still going strong and I've even seen a few azaleas opening. I am so glad to see some warm weather.
The boys and I have been enjoying more time outside and and I've been noticing something a little different this year. We're starting to get more pollen in the air and I think Zeke might be allergic to it......not bad symptoms just sneezing..........but it's funny because when he sneezes his whole little body does a shake thing that starts at the front and goes all the way to the back and ends with his tail finishing off the sneeze with a cute little wag. It even happens like that when he is sitting down. You can always count on Zeke to put a cute spin on everything.
You know my life is not as hectic as it used to be.......certainly not as exciting........maybe not as happy........maybe it's a different kind of happiness. Whatever.............I am seeing my little world differently these days........the good, the bad, and the unexplainable............and one of the good things is having these kind little creatures in my life.
I have the BEST time with these boys.