Sunday, July 17, 2011


In one corner of our back yard we have a feeding station.............birds, squirrels, and who knows what else frequent the various feeders daily. I have been watching a cardinal family that has 4 juveniles. They are almost as big as the Mama n Papa but their color is not as bright and their little beaks have not turned orange yet.
Mama and Papa are fantastic parents.....they herd them over to one area and bring each one seed after seed.....then they herd them onto the feeders and show them how to pick out the right ones.
Lucy meandered over there and I was expecting one of the parents to swoop down on her at any moment......they didn't get a Lucy passed by some ferns, Kissie popped out and tapped her butt.
I was watching this from the kitchen and within 30 seconds I saw the unique personality of each pet.
Lucy jumped into the air, turning at the same time so as to come down facing Kissie.......and barking all the while. I know it scared her but she stood her ground and barked and barked some more.
Zeke was the first to react.....he dashed back into the house and hid under a chair. (He stayed under there for 30 minutes.)
Gummie ran as fast as he could and stood by Lucy's side. I know he was VERY nervous because his tail was in the familiar circular pattern.......but nervous or not, he stood beside her. (He has lived with Kissie since he was 10 weeks old there was no barking at Kissie from him.)
I've always said Brogie is the bravest......since his sight and hearing are diminished his reaction is slower.........but it is always bolder. He charged over there barking his faint, little bark and got in between Kissie and Lucy.
Kissie stood up and s l o w l y ambled over toward the woods. She has their number.
A few hours later, all 5 of them were on the bed, TOGETHER.......sound asleep.
Living in the moment!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Brogie and Zeke don't play with toys or balls's not their jam. Gummie, however, loves all things " play". He has a squirrel and a raccoon that he brings to me regularly and he will fetch them as many times as I am willing to toss 'em. Balls are even better.
At first Lucy sat in my lap and watched Gummie scurry about shaking his raccoon.....she was calm and content........but VERY interested.
I got some smaller than usual tennis balls, threw one across the great room knowing Gummie would be all over it, and he was..................... but he wasn't alone.
Lucy is agile, quick and enthusiastic...ok, maybe a little too enthusiastic. She is a sweet, loving, absolutely adorable little girl and I love would think she might be a GENTLE way. When it comes to playing ball, she is SERIOUS. (Goes to show you how clueless I am). She even growled at Gummie ......... he is sooo mellow... he stopped in his tracks and looked at me. It was obvious from then on that I have to throw two balls at the same time if Gum is to ever have a chance at another tennis ball.
Double the fun.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Our cat, Kissie, is a hunter. She is mostly an indoor cat but she spends some time each day laying in wait for ......for whatever comes her way. She doesn't go out searching for prey....way too lazy for she sits and waits and something always appears. I've decided that in her mind if anything is crazy enough to get close then it is fair game.....birds, lizards, moths, moles, crickets know, defenseless little creatures!!!
A few days ago she went out before dawn and just before noon I went to the back door as I knew she would be wanting to come inside during the heat of the day.
Lucy and Gummie charged out the door headed straight for her..........I knew something was up as nobody, I mean NOBODY in this family charges Kissie. Brogie was napping and Zeke stood on the patio barking. Gummie's tail was at warp speed and he started circling the cat. Lucy got about 3 feet from Kissie, raised a front leg and stood still...........if her tail had been straight out she would have looked like a bird dog on point.
I'm not sure if Kissie had the snake or the snake had was a standoff, I think. It was a little garden snake and Kissie slapped it repeatedly, when it tried to slither away she grabbed it by the tail and threw it back on the grass, and the snake curled around one of her paws sending her leaping four feet in the air. When she hit the ground the snake was hightailing it to the woods behind our house.
Kissie sauntered over to the patio as if nothing had happened and rubbed her face on Zeke............they went inside.........but Lucy and Gummie were still on the scene. They stood side by side looking towards the woods, barking.........then they sat down and barked. Neither one of them ever took one step in that direction.
So I walked over to them ........they stood up and started barking all over again. I just know they were trying to tell me all about it. All the commotion woke Brogie up and he joined us in the back yard.........then that point it occurred to me that the dogs and I were all huddled up on the playing field but the two players were gone............Kissie, to air conditioned comfort and the snake to his hole in the woods. Game over.