Monday, May 31, 2010


Daughter Leslie graduated from college 4 years ago and fortunately for me, she got a job and apartment close by. She is a late in life child and we have always been close. She popped in frequently and would occasionally spend the night and she showered the boys with affection and of course they LOVE her and go crazy every time she walks through the door.
Last month she got a HUGE promotion and I am so proud of her and happy for her............but along with the promotion came a move to Charleston. Her new apartment is actually across the bridge in Mount Pleasant and this weekend I went to visit. She is so much fun and we had a ball.
She had asked me to bring some of her clothes and other things that had never made it over to her last last week I got some boxes and started packing. The first night I took the boxes into her room the boys were so excited............Zeke got on her bed and observed ( he likes to pretend that he is aloof but he watched every move we made)...........Gummie and Brogie sniffed each and every thing I put in the box. At some point Gummie went into the closet and brought me a dirty, dusty sock (proof of my housekeeping skills). Of course I thought that was great and I gave him hugs and kisses (proof of my craziness about the boys). Gummie knew he had done something good and made a bee line back into the closet with Brogie following step for step. Brogie never actually brought anything but he was by Gummie's side the whole time and they delivered............
one scarf
two more socks
one belt
and a plastic bag full of other plastic bags
I thought it was the coolest thing and they were so proud of themselves.

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