Sunday, May 9, 2010

Working Dogs Part 2

I would be happy to tell you that the boys quickly adjusted to our training schedule but, of course, that didn't happen. In fact Friday was the only day I didn't have to carry one of them outside each morning. I know dogs live in the moment but they weren't diggin' the morning moments.
My front door is made up of beveled glass panels divided into 9"x12" sections and the bottom three panels look like picture frames when you walk up to the front porch and see each dog peering through their assigned pane.............don't know who assigned the panes but they are always at the same one. They are very still and quiet until I start to walk up the steps and that's when the action begins..........Montgomery barks and goes in circles, Zeke barks a little and leaps straight up over and over, and Brogie barks continuously and marches in place. This happened each day at lunch and again at the end of the day.........and my usually undemanding boys DEMANDED a 5 minute love fest no matter how bad I had to go the bathroom. I try to give each of them the amount of attention they want ...........Gummie is satisfied first with Brogie coming in a distant second while Zeke would like to be velcroed (is that a word?) to my body and would be content in my lap for who knows how long.
It was a long week for the boys but they survived. I don't think I would appreciate a census taker.........I mean an ENUMERATOR knocking on my door early in the morning so I don't head out until 10 or so now and the boys are much happier. Granted their main activity is sleeping during the day but they don't like to start their day job until they've had a really good, long night's sleep. You might say I have three little pampered pets or............does the term SPOILED ROTTEN come to mind? Either way, I'm lovin' it.

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