Friday, June 4, 2010


Every once in awhile I have a mostly sleepless night during which I worry name it and I worry about it. I'll worry about some personl things but I'll mostly worry about stuff that I have no business concerning myself with. Go figure......maybe I think I can solve the problems of the world in the middle of the night...........good luck, right? Last night or should I say this morning at 3am I was still awake but at 3:30am I was getting sleepy. Big problem.........I had to pick up my best friend at 5:30 to take her to the airport. Decided to make some coffee and wouldn't you know it the can had about 1 tsp in it. None in the pantry problem ......Kroger is open 24 hours and it's just a few miles away. Simple!............or maybe not.
The boys are always asleep at this time of the morning but the phone rang (friend calling to make sure I was up!!!!!) and I picked up my keys and walked out to the garage. When I opened the car door Zeke catapulted himself onto the front seat with Montgomery landing almost on top of him. So the three of us were off.............almost. Just as we were pulling out of the garage I saw Brogie at the top of the stairs .............sleepy eyes and all. I was in a hurry but who could leave that sweet boy.......I lifted him into the car and we took off.
Shopping in the middle of the night has some parking space was so close to the front door I could almost jump from the car into the store. As I walked in I hit the button on my key to lock the car......just habit.............but that's a mistake when you have the boys with you.
I was walking up to checkout when I heard all the noise and saw the lights flashing and a few people coming into the store all laughing .............I heard "they're so cute" so of course I knew who they were talking about. I paid for the coffee and walked outside to see my hazard lights flashing and the car alarm blasting and 3 very alert boys. The lights were so bright and the alarm was so loud!!!!!!!! My car has a motion detector and the boys set it off and then stepped on the hazard light button. There was a firetruck parked nearby and two firemen were standing by my car.......oh no........ I asked if someone had called them. No ma'am, he said, we were going in to get some things for breakfast and thought we'd wait here until the owner came. That would be me , I said............ and they started talking about how the whole time the alarm was blasting the boys were just wagging their tails and never looked stressed or anything like that. I thanked them and we went home.
I really didn't need any coffee after all of that.

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