Sunday, May 23, 2010


We have thunderstorms here often so it's no surprise to have one in the evening after a hot day.......and tonight we had a big one! It was loud and long. Even Brogie heard it and it scared him. He snuggled up next to me on the sofa and I could see how worried he was. I got up to look at the hail bouncing up on the patio and he got soooo nervous. Most of the really big storms are in the summer and last summer we didn't have Brogie and Zeke so I didn't know they would be frightened. Montgomery and Brogie are very close......and Montgomery is VERY kind..........he jumped up on the sofa, put his face next to Brogie's and flopped down beside him and rested his head on Brogie's paws. That did the trick.........Brogie rested his head on Gummie's big floppy ear and they were sleeping in no time at all with Brogie in full snore mode. It was (I realize I'm showing my age here) without a doubt a true KODAK moment.

I was so focused on Brogie that I didn't realize that Zeke was missing for awhile.......but I got thinking about him and called him but no response so I looked all around and when I went into my closet I heard a tiny little whimper...........I flipped the light switch and wouldn't you know it the light bulb blew. The lights in the bedroom were on but the closet was pretty dark especially at the back. I have a section of double rods at the back and the clothes on the lower rod hang down to about 2 or 3 inches off the floor. So I'm down on my knees feeling around in the dark, crawling over shoes when I get to the back corner...........there he was....... under my winter jackets..............shaking. He was really scared. I sat down and he got on my lap and we sat in the dark closet ...........after my eyes adjusted it didn't seem so dark and when the thunder stopped Zeke was good to go. I guess Zeke and I had a little KODAK moment too.

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