Saturday, May 15, 2010

Business Expense?

You know how when your children are just starting preschool or kindergarten and you sort of meet other parents but you don't really know their know them as little Sarah's mom or little Tim's dad and that's the way they know you until one day you see them somewhere without the children and you finally introduce yourself last the parents have real names and sometimes you even become friends. Of course that was decades ago for me but it is now happening with the pack. People see us out and about with the boys and they ALWAYS notice the boys and probably barely see us.
Now that I am an official "temporary" employee for the Census Bureau my association with three little cavaliers has proved to be very beneficial on several occasions. My most recent batch of census forms all had addresses here in Rose even though Rose Hill is fairly large with around 400 homes I was calling on neighbors so to speak. Numerous times I have been greeted at the door with ........oh I know you have the three little dogs..........................or .....I've seen you walking the cute little have the pretty King Charles!
You get the picture. It made a mundane task into a fun chat and I met some nice people and we now know each other's name.
Of course not everyone is so pleasant and on two occasions I called on addresses where I met with very unhappy people who were not willing in fact adamantly opposed to the census etc.
I thought I was going to go away emptyhanded until I mentioned that we walked near their home and saw their dogs............that broke the ice and when they found out I have the cavaliers the tone of the conversation changed drastically..........all of a sudden I was no longer the big bad government ...........just a neighbor who loves dogs too.............I got the most important info needed if not all of it and they are now counted in the census.
.....................I think my boys should get an identification badge like I have that I have to wear around my neck at all times while on the job............I could attach it to their collars right next to their rabies's an official tag but my name is written on it with a SHARPIE. I suppose that might not fly but at the very least I think I should be able to list them as a business expense. They definitely helped take the census!!!!!!!

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