Friday, May 28, 2010


Montgomery aka Gummie is the kindest dog I have ever known and I tell people that all the time ..........who knows if anyone believes me ...........but it is true. Just this afternoon on our walk he did a very kind, caring thing for Brogie.
Our recent thunderstorm left many fallen limbs and debris everywhere and today we came upon a huge uprooted wax myrtle that totally blocked the horse trail . We started to go a different way but I thought we could get around it if we climbed over it at the base and then made our way along the side of the ditch and then work our way back up to the trail. What was I thinking!........It was my bright I led the way. After I got over the tree I just motioned for Gummie to come over and he will follow me anywhere. He jumped up on the trunk and worked his way over to me. Zeke followed Gummie and the three of us waited on the trail. Steve's balance and flexibility are compromised by an accident he had years ago but he made it over the tree and the only one left was Brogie. Steve tried to talk him over it but I could tell that wasn't going to work so I made my way back to the tree and talked to him and tried to get him to jump.............I was getting ready to go back over the trunk so I could pick him up and I had his front legs on the tree....................all of a sudden Gummie jumped back up on the tree and leaned down and touched Brogie's nose, then he turned but Brogie didn't move and he whined a little. So Gummie leaned back down and put his face beside Brogie's face for 2 or 3 seconds. I reached down and Brogie made a little jump that was just enough for me to grab him and lift him up and over......I put him down on the ground and he and Gummie made their way back to the trail. Of course I had to go along the ditch again ......but when I got back up to the trail all of the boys were waiting for me and off we went.
I don't pretend to know anything about dog psychology or dog behavior or anything else for that matter but .............there is no doubt in my mind that Gummie was trying to help Brogie or maybe he was trying to help me...........I don't know and it doesn't matter............he was trying to help and that is my definition of KINDNESS.

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