Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ever since September I have been putting on the ole feed bag with real gusto and as a result I can barely zip up my pants. Seriously, the few pants that I can get on are so tight that I really can't breath. So now I'm paying the price and it's back to being "careful" with food and getting back on the treadmill etc............GREAT.
Last night was my first workout and you can just imagine what I feel like today. The boys took it all in stride until I got on the treadmill. They were all on the bed and when I first started walking their little heads turned from side to side curious. Each time I changed the speed or incline they all sat up and moved their heads from side to side....they were sooooo cute and it made the time fly. Brogie was the first to give it up, followed shortly by Zeke.............but Gummie sat up each time for the entire 45 minutes and we talked each time. soon as I started walking all three boys got on the bed, got comfortable, and went to sleep. I walked as fast as I could, I sweated and I huffed and puffed for 45 minutes...........they SNORED. To them, the treadmill is old news now ............guess I'm going to have to do this on my own. No fun.

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