Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Having a resident comedian is always fun....and occasionally it's hilarious. Occasionally happened this morning.
I slept in because I didn't have anything until the afternoon....didn't go downstairs until 7:30. It was so balmy that after I got the boys fed I took my paper and coffee to the patio and we enjoyed a truly beautiful morning. Steve has all sorts of bird feeders and bird baths in the backyard and the birds and squirrels have a buffet that would rival The Bellagio. There is almost always a squirrel or some birds out there and Zeke loves to charge out the door and chase them off. It is one of his favorite things to do and it gets his day off to a good start.....today it was two fat squirrels and he loved it. He speeds out and they run off and he trots back to the patio and sits down. We lounged out there for an hour and I finally took the boys in and was starting up the stairs when Zeke started barking and growling and having a fit to go back out. I went on up the stairs but soon all three were barking and Gummie ran up to my bathroom barking and begging so I trudged back down and looked out and could hardly believe what I was seeing........a buzzard! Yes the exact same ugly bird you see eating road kill........the one that only flies off at the last possible second.......often making you slow down or brake because they are so slow to get out of the way. If you have never seen one you would never believe how big and ugly they really are............the boys were freaked out.
Zeke was almost foaming at the mouth and so I thought I'd let him out and he could chase the buzzard off and then trot back and we'd get on with it...........sounds like a plan to me. I got Gummie and Brogie back from the door and cracked the door open just enough for Zeke to catapult himself across the patio and zip right over to the bird...........but the buzzard didn't get the memo and instead of flying off it spread it's enormous wings and stood it's ground. How big do you think that bird must have looked to little Zeke...........he tried to slam on the brakes... but it was too late and he stumbled and rolled all over himself as he veered off to the right and skidded finally to a stop on the other side of the buzzard. It is impossible for me to tell you how funny it was. I was laughing so hard, but at the same time Zeke was trapped on the other side and his big eyes were fixed on me.........and the buzzard had his eyes fixed on Zeke. So I walked over to the side of the yard and knelt down and Zeke took off running to me and he ran faster than I thought he could run ......he jumped up into my arms and buried his face in my armpit. As I was walking back to the patio the buzzard started flapping it's wings and eventually got off the ground.
The whole thing was so funny and then I felt a little sad for him.............but when we went inside, I put him down and he ran over to the pantry..........so obviously he was over it and I had had a great laugh ....treat time for sure.

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