Monday, February 7, 2011


It has been so cold and wet this winter and, of course, I whine about it ............exactly the way I whine in the summer about the oppressive heat and humidity. But there was no complaining yesterday.......glorious sunshine and 65 degrees. I was out and about all day long ..........had a gift certificate that I enjoyed using and had a late lunch with friends....good times.
When I got home and opened the front door I walked into the middle of a standoff. Our stair goes up to a landing then turns 90 degrees another half flight so you can't see the top of the stair from the front door. Our cat, Kissie, was perched on the landing and had that classic cheshire cat grin and I could hear the boys at the top of the stair. Gummie was whimpering, Brogie was barking, and Zeke was jumping around and grunting. Now there is no question that I am the leader of the pack but no matter how much those boys wanted to come running down the stairs to greet me they were totally at the mercy of the Queen Bee, Miss Kissie Carson. Even though all four of them often sleep together, Kissie occasionally has the need to show all of us exactly who is in charge and I don't know what she says to them .........but they listen.
I scolded her and she looked at me like I had lost my mind.........then she gave me a little meow. I sat down beside her and she rubbed all over me, purred, and rolled on her back.
Gummie crept down two steps and waited.............he was so nervous that his tail was spinning around like a propeller........but he inched his way closer and just as he stepped on the landing Kissie slapped him on his leg three quick times, rolled over and rubbed her face on his. The standoff was over........they all ran down the stairs........but we all knew who won.

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