Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Spring has sprung.......the Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom and they are everywhere. I always think they look like white hot air balloons, still tethered but eager to fly. Next week all of their blossoms will yield to vibrant green leaves and they'll look like huge green tootsie pops. Daffodils are still going strong and I've even seen a few azaleas opening. I am so glad to see some warm weather.
The boys and I have been enjoying more time outside and and I've been noticing something a little different this year. We're starting to get more pollen in the air and I think Zeke might be allergic to it......not bad symptoms just sneezing..........but it's funny because when he sneezes his whole little body does a shake thing that starts at the front and goes all the way to the back and ends with his tail finishing off the sneeze with a cute little wag. It even happens like that when he is sitting down. You can always count on Zeke to put a cute spin on everything.
You know my life is not as hectic as it used to be.......certainly not as exciting........maybe not as happy........maybe it's a different kind of happiness. Whatever.............I am seeing my little world differently these days........the good, the bad, and the unexplainable............and one of the good things is having these kind little creatures in my life.
I have the BEST time with these boys.

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