Monday, June 28, 2010


During the summer our little town has a farmer's market set up on one of the streets in the historic district that is lined with antique stores etc. It's only on Thursday and I love it. Montgomery always goes with me and this is his third summer. He loves it too and of course he always gets loads of attention. I have an old wooden radio flyer wagon that has wooden slats on all of the sides and I always take it with me in case I get a watermelon or a lot of corn or peaches or who knows what. This is my first summer with Brogie and Zeke and ...........yes, I was crazy enough to take all three at the same time......... with the wagon in tow the first market of the season. We created total chaos in no time at was a happy, lovey dovey kind of chaos.............but it was still chaos. We had leashes wrapped around me, the wagon, baby strollers, moms, kids, dogs, farmers and anything or anyone who approached us............and everyone approached us. Cavaliers are magnets...........people are always attracted to them and kids can't keep their hands off of them and their moms are so happy to see how gentle they are. But an hour of untangling leashes and dogs is enough for anybody and we headed home.

Now I take one dog each Thursday and it works out great for everyone. Montgomery's day is like ole home day.........lots of people know him and he gets treats from some of them so he's in heaven the whole time.
Zeke is actually a shy boy and I didn't know how he would do without the other boys but as it turned out he had a soon as I got my wagon out of the back of the suv he jumped in it , I started to get him out but he loves to ride and he looked so happy sitting there.......... so off we went. He's been twice now and each time he jumps into the wagon and inspects all the produce on the way back to the car. He gets a lot of attention sitting up in that wagon.
Brogie always walks on my left and slightly behind me...........he is perfect on the leash.........but for some reason the wagon confused him. He kept wandering behind me and walking beside the wagon so I tied him to the left side of the wagon and pulled it with my left hand...........he was content and each time I stopped to look at some fruit or veggies he sat down beside the wagon and waited for people to come over. He is precious and loves all the attention he gets.

Quite a few people bring their dogs..........and some of them are cute and sweet............some, not so much. I know they all love their dogs but I don't think any of them get as much enjoyment as I do from my little guys. A friend of mine told me recently that she would love to have a dog but they are too much trouble.............I shook my head and said her problem was that she had never had the right dog. I am so lucky.............the right dog times three.

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