Sunday, June 20, 2010


In the past each time we got out of one house we would build another, but this time we are not sure what we want to do or where we want to be............. so for the time being we've decided to rent a place until we can decide. Some form of retirement is around the corner and I just know we are not going to be living in this area for that, but who knows! The last time we rented a home was in 1973 and boy oh boy have things changed.
We have two major requirements.........a garage for Steve ( no, not to live in ) and a fenced in yard for the boys..........and I guess there is one more thing.......I don't want to pay an arm and a leg. Is that too much to ask? Maybe.
When a rental agent says "charming family home" that means little house with three little bedrooms and a one car garage with an area to store bicycles. A "cozy home with character" means a tiny house with itty bitty bedrooms and a color scheme that will knock your socks off. But if he says he has a "spacious executive home" that translates into a house that you can fit most of your furniture into but is grossly the search continues.
We have been taking the boys with us when we do our first drive by to see the outside of a house and check out the neighborhood and even though Steve and I find it tedious, the boys are having a blast. When they see another dog or ducks (they were all over one little neighborhood) the boys bark and wag...........bark and wag.
We almost hit a deer in Belfair and I thought Zeke was going to have a took him 10 minutes to calm down. Every time we slow down and look over at a house they all look in the same direction as we're looking and check it out............Brogie looks in the general direction but Gummie and Zeke stare as long as we do. It's our version of HOUSE HUNTERS.

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