Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last month I went to my high school reunion........we've only had one before and it was 20 years ago and I missed it. This time around I started getting emails from classmates that I hadn't heard from in years and eventually decided to go. We had activities all weekend and it was a riot. I must say ...........on the first night when I walked into the room I thought I was in the wrong spot because..........there were a bunch of OLD PEOPLE in there!!! Anyhow it was a great weekend and when I got home Sunday afternoon I was pooped.
The boys ran out to the car and helped me get my luggage...........Zeke really wanted to pee on my garment bag but I saved it at the last second. After hugs and kisses and rubbing we plopped down on the bed and I was looking forward to a nap......the boys were ok with it but they weren't going to take any chances about me getting up any time soon. Brogie draped himself over my right leg.........Gummie was on top of my stomach...........and Zeke was on my pillow with his face on my head.........funny thing is, we actually slept.
It was good to be home.

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