Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last fall I borrowed a few water lilies ............OK, I stole a few water lilies from a lagoon here in town. I rationalized my plundering as being helpful to the town because the water lilies were smothering the pond and needed to be thinned out..........geez I can put a spin on anything, even larceny.
I cut all the foliage off, placed the root balls in fabric baskets, and sunk them to the bottom of my patio pond...........where they quietly enjoyed a winter hiatus.
This Spring we had an explosion of lily pads and beautiful , dazzling white water lilies and they have almost smothered the surface of my little pond!
When I first started the pond Zeke got upset about everything I put in there but after a few weeks he got over it ...........Gummie and Brogie never cared one way or the other..........but when the actual water surface began to shrink Gummie had issues.
There is a water bowl for the boys downstairs and one upstairs and Brogie and Zeke use them...........not Gummie. For some unknown reason, he only drinks from the pond. We had a really big pond at our last house and he drank from that one too.
I noticed that it was getting hard for him to find a spot to have a drink and the other day it all came to a head. I think what happened is that he put his paw on one of the lily pads to move it out of the way and when he actually stepped on it he lost his balance and fell was so funny. I guess he didn't see it that way because his eyes got big and desperate........... he looked like he had been thrown off a pier. I jumped up and helped him scramble out of the pond..... he shook off and we went on with things.
I have started thinning out the lily pads every week or so and Gummie continues to use the pond as a water fountain.
I mean, really, what do you expect when you live at the zoo!!!

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