Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Zeke and our cat, Kissie, have an unusual dynamic going on. Gummie and Brogie never, ever bother Miss Kissie.......they go out of their way to show due respect for the eldest pet, and with good reason.
Kissie likes to go outside, come inside, go back outside, come back inside............all day long. She seems to always be on the wrong side of the door. Often when she comes in she will scoot through the house to the stairs and zip up to my desk where I keep a bowl full of her dry food .... and when she does that, Zeke takes off after her, growling and barking.
I think the natural inclination would be to feel sorry for the sweet little pretty kitty....but don't fall for it. No matter how fast Zeke runs he is never fast enough so when he finally gets upstairs Kissie jumps up on the desk and stares down at him with a look of utter disdain and superiority.........and he waddles back downstairs knowing he's lost one more time.
If Zeke doesn't chase her she will wait at the bottom of the stairs until he can't stand it anymore and off he many times will he fall for it.
The outcome of this game is totally dependent on Kissie's mood..........yesterday, Kissie was in a very bad mood! As soon as Zeke took off after her, Kissie arched her back and warned him to leave her alone..........well Zeke tried to stop, I think.......but in an instant Kissie slapped him, he yelped so what did she do .......she slapped him some more. She got him on the nose once and it started bleeding and he really cried then. He ran over and jumped in my lap and put his head in my armpit which I guess is now his default position.
I was sitting at the breakfast table trying to comfort him when Kissie jumped up on the table. Poor little Zeke buried himself under my arm again and Kissie looked down at him as if to are soo easy. She sauntered off, Zeke calmed down and the only one still worried was Gummie. He took turns going over to each of them sniffing and rubbing.
I am hoping Zeke's chase instinct will take a vacation for awhile......Gummie and I would like that.

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