Friday, March 11, 2011


My bathroom in this house is smaller than I am used to and as a result I often put the toilet lid down so that I can sit and put on socks, shoes etc. I walked in there last night and Zeke was sitting on the toilet ...........and had a sheepish look on his face. I thought it was so cute and I gave him a little scratch on his back.........he wagged and jumped down.
We settled in and got to sleep soon after but at around 2a.m. Gummie got all agitated and started whining. Being half asleep, I got up and was heading to the stair to take him out but he didn't follow so I got back in bed. As I was trying to go back to sleep I heard crunch...crunch...crunch..........coming from the bathroom. I sat up and saw Gummie at the bathroom ,whining and pacing. So I got up again and peeked in there ......Zeke, Zeke, Zeke.
He was standing on the counter ....front paws on one side of the sink, back paws on the other side......he was really stretched out. And when he saw me he started crunching as fast as he could!! My purse was on the counter and inside I had some cheerios wrapped in clear plastic. (I remembered running out of little baggies and had to use the dreaded clingy plastic wrap). I never put my purse there but there it was and Zeke was not going to miss the chance for a quick snack. Brogie slept through it all but I put Zeke down on the floor and divided the remaining cheerios for him and Gummie.
Giving them the cheerios was probably the wrong thing to do ...........I'm not so good with discipline when it comes to the boys.....but the way I figure it, they make me LAUGH even if it is at 2a.m. and that's worth a few cheerios anytime.

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