Monday, October 11, 2010


One year ago yesterday Steve, Gummie, and I piled into the car long before dawn and traveled to Lula, GA. It's a long haul but it was a happy day because that was the day we scooped up Brogie and Zeke and became the Carson Pack.
Just a few months before that Holly had saved Brogie's life. His owner was planning to put him down...........for no other reason except that he was old and no longer useful to her. Of course, Holly would have none of that and Brogie went to Lula.
As soon as we saw him we wanted him............Holly agreed but we had to wait a few months and during that time Brogie and Zeke became BFF's. Brogie got into Holly's heart and she couldn't split them we got BOTH of them.
We have had a GREAT year!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Holly, first for saving Brogie and second for letting us be part of it all.

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