Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Zeke has ear mites and I have some drops that I put in his ears each morning and again in the evening. Anytime I need to give one of the boys some kind of pill or drops I always finish with a little treat...........they LOVE those tiny liver treats. So yesterday when I put the first drops in Zeke's ears the other two ran to the pantry and waited. Zeke shook his head a few times and zipped over to take his place in line at the pantry door. The phone rang and I had to run upstairs to the office to talk with a client. 45 minutes later I went down to the kitchen for a cool drink and there they were..........still in line..............waiting patiently by the pantry door.
As soon as they saw me they stood up in unison and started wagging........they certainly know how to handle me........and I'm not telling how many treats they got!!!!!!!!!
Good times.

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