Sunday, October 10, 2010


We were invited to an early in the season oyster roast this weekend and even though the oysters will be better in 4 or 5 weeks I couldn't wait to taste some salty, local goodness. Our host asked me to make his favorite cookie that I bake for him I got the ingredients out of the pantry and put the butter out on the counter to soften.
I think Zeke was born with some sort of special smell sensors that focus on things like butter, sugar and eggs...........because if any of those ingredients are on my counter you will find him close.
The cookie is a variation on the old fashioned snickerdoodle.........the dough is rolled out and you add all the toppings then roll up like a jellyroll, refrigerate and slice and bake.......pretty simple. Zeke started drooling early on and got closer and closer.........the other two were sleeping together in one of the dog beds in the breakfast room. They could see us but weren't interested.
Whenever I bake cookies I give each dog a small cookie as soon as they didn't work out quite that way this time................ as I was putting the finished roll into a pan to refrigerate a chunk fell out of my hands onto the edge of the counter and then plopped onto the floor. From Zeke's vantage it must have seemed like the heavens had opened up and delivered a gift from the big man himself..............he got over that dough in a bulldog stance and scarfed up at least two inches of raw egg, sugar, cinnamon, buttery dough and crushed pecans in seconds. Gummie and Brogie hustled over but it was too late. They both looked at me with that wonderful cavalier look of love and hope. Zeke, on the other hand, for a brief moment was a Cheshire cat................. and he looked at them and at me as if to say........ I WIN !!!!
I took Gummie and Brogie outside and gave them a treat and that made them happy too..........but the real winner here is me!!!

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