Friday, December 9, 2011


Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday....not so much this year. Too much going on and trouble for some friends and relatives and bad news and on and on. I was happy to say goodbye to November........and hello to "the most wonderful time of the year".
I was determined to have the Christmas spirit matter how hard I had to work at it. So with the help of four little cavaliers I got all the Christmas decorations spread out on the garage floor and somehow kept Zeke from peeing on them. Brogie made a bed on a pile of artificial holly and poinsettas and slept while Gummie and Lucy helped me test some of the zillion strings of lights. It was obvious that I needed to edit. We filled four big boxes to donate ...........have no idea how I accumulated so much stuff.
I loaded the car with boxes and dogs and off we went to the thrift store that is run by the local humane society. I'm not sure what the ladies there liked the most .....the Christmas stuff or the was a toss up. They got the boxes AND the dogs out of the car.............and took ALL inside. I kept one eye on Zeke but he didn't get much of a chance to lift a leg as he was petted constantly.
The dogs got treats and attention, the ladies got wet kisses and wagging tails, the store got plenty of Christmas merchandise (all sold in less than a week) ..............but I was the big winner........I got a taste of that Christmas spirit that can be so elusive. HO HO HO

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