Friday, November 11, 2011


A friend asked me to go Christmas shopping with her and for some reason I said yes. I thought we would meander about for awhile...........get some lunch......check out a few stores and maybe have a glass of wine or something and head on home. No No No! She was a lady on a mission and I was along to help schlep the packages. Turns out her family is having their Christmas at Thanksgiving this year and she will be the hostess.........and the amount of work ahead of her in the next two weeks is scary. All of her children and grandchildren will be gathering together for the first time in many years........they live all over the country so this will be a special holiday for all of them.
I had two small bags in the middle of her many, many, many bags and boxes of Christmas goodies and when I got home I put them on a chair with my pocketbook and jacket and headed upstairs....I was exhausted. The dogs talked me into going back down for one last potty break and I'm thinking that's when they noticed the bags........I was totally unconcerned about them as there was nothing edible in either bag plus I was soooo tired.....besides, I couldn't wait to get a warm bath and wash off the zillions of germs I had picked up pushing shopping carts through every store in the area. Thinking back on it I should have known something was amiss...........Zeke is my baking buddy but he is also my bath buddy and he always visits me as soon as I turn the water off. He prances in, puts his head on the side of the tub, I tell him what a good boy he is, he stretches and goes back in the bedroom........same thing every time......but not this time.
I got all snug in my bed and was so happy to finally be still.
Gummie is my little snitch............he whined a time or two and I tried to ignore it............good luck with that. I heard a little crinkling sound and a little something that sounded like bells. Of course I gave up and the search began........Gummie led the way.
I am the first to admit that I am not very good with discipline...OK, I suck at it but this time I was tired and mad and somebody was going to be in BIG trouble.
There he was....under the breakfast table with a bag full of Jelly Belly Christmas jelly, white and green. All wrapped up and tied off with curling ribbon and cute little silver bells.
I was poised to give him a tongue lashing........ ZEKE......but then he put his head down and rested it on the bag so that all you could see was the curling ribbon and little silver bells and big brown eyes staring up at me.........and I did what I always do.....melted.
Obviously, I had grabbed the wrong bag when I got out of the car but as far as I could tell there had been no real damage and that should have been the end of it............I reached down and picked up the little bag ........ beans scattered all over the floor. It was chaos as each little cavalier hoovered up as many jelly beans as possible before I could sweep them up.
They were all so happy ..... somehow that makes me happy too.

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