Saturday, August 20, 2011


Gummie and Lucy are best buddies and are almost always much so that I can hardly get a picture of one of them alone. If I take all of them out for a walk I have to put the two of them together or Lucy pitches a fit. Their personalities are very different but Lucy adores him and Gummie, well he loves everybody, especially Lucy.
Lucy is wary of new people and dogs and I'm hoping Gummie will help her get over it. Her hair is starting to grow and she is looking more beautiful every day. We all love her....EXCEPT....Kissie. The boys all learned early on to pay homage to the queen of the manor but Lucy, not so much. Kissie will eventually win..........she always wins.
One day last week, she smacked Lucy and chased her up the stairs(Lucy barks right in her face)..... Gummie came running to her the second he heard her yelp....and then today Gummie got his paw stuck in some netting and started whining when he couldn't get it out .........Lucy ran over to him and licked his face.
I'm thinking they are BFF's..... we should all be so lucky!

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