Friday, July 15, 2011


Brogie and Zeke don't play with toys or balls's not their jam. Gummie, however, loves all things " play". He has a squirrel and a raccoon that he brings to me regularly and he will fetch them as many times as I am willing to toss 'em. Balls are even better.
At first Lucy sat in my lap and watched Gummie scurry about shaking his raccoon.....she was calm and content........but VERY interested.
I got some smaller than usual tennis balls, threw one across the great room knowing Gummie would be all over it, and he was..................... but he wasn't alone.
Lucy is agile, quick and enthusiastic...ok, maybe a little too enthusiastic. She is a sweet, loving, absolutely adorable little girl and I love would think she might be a GENTLE way. When it comes to playing ball, she is SERIOUS. (Goes to show you how clueless I am). She even growled at Gummie ......... he is sooo mellow... he stopped in his tracks and looked at me. It was obvious from then on that I have to throw two balls at the same time if Gum is to ever have a chance at another tennis ball.
Double the fun.

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