Friday, June 17, 2011


I went out to get the paper early this morning with Gummie leading the way. It was almost dawn but still pretty dark and when I got to the end of the driveway.......all of a sudden ......barking, growling, and all kinds of commotion coming from across the street. Gummie wanted to zip over there but I said no and we started back up the driveway.
Out of the dark a white fluff ball darted in front of us, trailing a lead line and barking like we were mass killers trying to attack his home. Gummie's tail went into propeller mode and I just watched all the fluffiness running circles around us.
In no time I heard shuffling footsteps coming up the drive......the proverbial "little ole lady" said....I don't think he'll hurt you. I said good morning and we had a nice little chitchat.....both dogs sniffed each other and played chase for awhile.
She was visiting her grandson who lives down the street and had arrived last night so this was only SPUNKY'S second walk in the neighborhood and he was a bit nervous, she said. She was such a nice lady and I enjoyed our talk........... it made me think a bit.
Her grandson is at least 50 years old so she is probably in her nineties. She told me she walks SPUNKY 3 or 4 times every day and he is her buddy.
If I am lucky enough to live into my nineties please let me be ambulatory.................. and please let me have a little buddy to walk.

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