Thursday, December 16, 2010


You should see our little neighborhood........all decked out for the holidays.........come to think of it the entire cul de sac is probably visible from space at night. Well, maybe not, but there are lights everywhere and I've been taking the boys for a stroll just before 8 each night and there is no need for a flashlight. The Christmas decorations don't bother the dogs the way the Halloween stuff did. As a matter of fact, they seem to really like it. One neighbor has a group of three really large snowmen very close to the street.......almost in the street...........they are brightly lit at night and Zeke can't wait to pee on them every time. I saw these folks out in the yard and confessed Zeke's obsession and they laughed and said every dog from the area has had a field day with those snowmen!!! Gummie and Brogie are more fond of a house on down the street that has a long hedge next to the street and has a zillion white lights next to a lamp post tightly wrapped with a million green lights............Brogie pees on the lamp post, Gummie next to the hedge and Zeke takes aim again on the post. And so it goes each the time we get home they are as dry as a bone.
I have a winding driveway and some oak trees and have draped red and green lights from the trees across the drive over to the oaks on the other side and it is really cool. Lots of people have driven up under the lights and asked to take pictures of their's been fun. You can't see our house from the street but everyone can see the explosion of red and green and it makes you smile. I definitely fit in this new neighborhood......we are all a little over the edge.

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