Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday was my was a beautiful, clear day and I had family and friends wishing me the best. It was topped off with a yummy meal that I didn't have to prepare and a fabulous birthday cake with raspberry filling and white icing..........four layers, intricate decoration and more candles than you can imagine. We ate ...........we drank.............and we laughed until it hurt. You can't ask for more.
After all was said and done and the goodbye hugs and kisses were over, we sprawled out over the sofa and began the over stuffed routine of vowing never to eat so much again. The boys loved having company and all three got plenty of attention...........who can deny three cute cavaliers? Gummie and Brogie were helping us relax, both were gently snoring. Zeke has the booming snore and it was absent. He is always near so I knew something was up. I found him standing in a dining room chair with his front paws on the table................his tail was wagging and his face was covered with white icing and his nose was glistening with red raspberry filling. He pulled back off the table and sat in the chair licking his face over and over and over. I think most dogs would scurry off knowing they were busted and in big trouble..... but not Zeke. He looked at me and kept licking his face until he had all the evidence off except some stuck under his chin so he rubbed his chin on the table and proceeded to lick the table clean. By this time Gummie and Brogie had joined us .............being the strict disciplinarian that I am, I cut the affected section of cake off and divided it onto three small paper plates that were decorated with birthday balloons .............put them on the floor and all three boys had cake................I could not have had a better birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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